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Pastor's Bio

Pastor Michael’s Bio:
” Hello!
Thank you for checking out Gilham Community Church (Gilham CC)! I have been the
pastor here for a short time (3+months) and am excited about the fantastic potential we
would love to share with you. But first, my bio, which I have been putting off because
talking about myself one of my least favorite things to do.
The basics: I am 67 years old, have been married to my beautiful wife Glenda for 43
years, have two fantastic sons, Sam and his wife Allie and Aaron and his wife Chloe.
I have been a Christian for 29 years. I was not raised in a Christian home, did not
attend church except when as a teenager I attended a church with my best friend to
meet girls!
I gave my heart to Jesus when I was 38. My journey to becoming a pastor began some
25 years ago. The pastor at the EMC church we attended in Eastern NC made the
announcement that the new maximum-security prison was in need of volunteers. The
Lord would not leave me alone until I called and set an appointment with the prison
chaplain. After a frightening tour he asked me how I would like to volunteer. I answered
that God sent me to him and it was for him to tell me what was needed. What was
needed was someone to hold Sunday services…
I continued prison ministry for 18 years and was very active in our NC church. During
that time, I “got the call” and began the courses required to become a pastor in the
EMC denomination. We moved from NC to OR to begin full time ministry at Grace
Chapel in Prairie City OR. I retired when I turned 65, moved to Port Angeles WA. Our
International General Superintendent Reverend Max Edwards gave me a call which led
us here. Glenda and I both love living here in Eugene and can’t wait to see what God
has planned here at Gilham Community Church.” 

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