Saturday Night Church @Gilham CC

Saturday Night Church @Gilham CC begins on the 18th!!

We know how frenzied life can get. Pick up the kids, drop off the kids, do the errands, make the meals and still have to put extra hours in at work. So when Sunday morning rolls around, you roll over for a couple of extra hours of sleep. Yet you still feel the call to worship the Lord…

We offer a solution! Saturday Night Church @ Gilham CC!!

Spaghetti Dinner at 6:00 – Come for great food (it’s free!), good fellowship and the opportunity to meet new friends! We offer this alternative to accommodate the 21st Century family who from my perspective is unbelievably stressed and overworked.

We are hoping Saturday Night Church will help to overcome the spiritual stress we encounter when COVID, work stress, family stress and general overall stress leaves us fatigued and irritable. So we hope you can come and have a bit of respite from making dinner and entertaining the kiddos.

Worship Service follows at 7:00 – Sing your hearts out to the Lord with contemporary hymns followed by a brief, joyful message and you’re on your way home by 7:45 to get the kiddos in bed on time. Kiddos will have a “Saturday School” during the message.

This is just one of the ways to get connected @ GilhamCC!

We hope to see you!!


Pastor Michael

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