This image displays a few of the bibles used by Pastor Michael.

Bible Based Church Eugene

Gilham Community Church is a Bible Based Church Eugene. So, what is Gilham CC’s definition of a Bible Based Church Eugene? As Senior Pastor at Gilham CC I preach and teach out of God’s Holy Inspired Word; the Bible! EMC Beliefs

Gilham CC is a  Bible Based Church Eugene. this image displays some of the  bibles Pastor Michael uses to research sermons.
Just a few of the Bibles I keep handy in my office. I also have some Swedish bibles from my great grandmother!

I usually preach out of the New King James Version however I have also used other translations: the NASB 95, The ESV, and the NIV 1984. Occasionally I will use a paraphrase bible i.e. The Living Bible to paint a clearer picture of what God is trying to tell us. This can be of use especially when in the Old Testament.

All scripture I use or researched to develop the sermon is always listed in our bulletin. There is also a section for sermon notes and a section for prayer requests from our church family.

Scripture References used in the sermon or researched for the sermon.

Here are a few quotes regarding scripture.

  1. “Nobody ever outgrows Scripture; the book widens and deepens with our years.” -Charles Spurgeon
  2. “We are the Bibles the world is reading, we are the creeds the world is needing, we are the sermons the world is heeding.” -Billy Graham
  3. “He does have surprising, secret purposes. I open a Bible, and His plans, startling, lie there barefaced. It’s hard to believe it, when I read it, and I have to come back to it many times, feel long across those words, make sure they are real. His love letter forever silences any doubts: “His secret purpose framed from the very beginning [is] to bring us to our full glory” (1 Corinthians 2:7 NEB).” -Ann Voskamp
  4. “When the world beats you down, open up your Bible.” -Lysa TerKeurst

One of my favorites is Lysa Terkeurst’s quote! I believe and have lived long enough to realize that there is no event in my life that our Heavenly Father could have prepared me for in His Holy, Inspired Word.

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Pastor Michael

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