Church with Mom programs: GCC

Church with Mom programs: GCC

We know how challenging raising children can be. Sometimes it can wear you down by 9:00 am! So we offer a bit of respite every Wednesday morning from 9:00 to 11:30 ish!! You are invited to come and have a coffee by the fireplace, chat with old friends or make new friends and just relax!!


Child care is provided! 90 minutes of respite awaits you!

As you can see from the pics, we have lots of room for the kiddos!!

And it’s all free!!

So why are we doing this? First and foremost to be a service to our community! After all we are a community church!

What’s in it for us? Nothing but the satisfaction of delivering a bit of respite to those who have the most challenging job in the world!!

Church with Mom programs: GCC

Is this a sneaky way of getting us to become a Christian? No! We are offering this because we are Christians and are called to help everyone get through the day a little easier.

What if I go to a different church? That’s OK too!

What other programs do you have for kids? Kiddo’s Ministry

We currently offer Sunday school (of course!) from 9:30 -12:00ish and AWANA on Thursday 6:30 -8:00.

We also have an annual Kids Day with bouncy houses, games and lots of hotdogs and snacks!! And on the Saturday February 19th, 11:00-3:00, we will have AWANA Grand Prix where kiddos can make their race cars with adult assistance and race em!!

Well, I hope we have answered all your questions and hope you will take advantage of this free service we are offering to the community. We, of course, would love to have you make Gilham CC your home church if you do not have one already


Pastor Michael

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