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Gilham CC is a Churches in Springfield, OR

Gilham CC is a Churches in Springfield, OR is not the most accurate description. Well, yeah, our address in 3633 Gilham Rd. in Eugene but we are so close to Springfield that some of our members live in Springfield! So I hope you don’t hold it against me!!

Gilham Community Church (GilhamCC) is an active community church of the Evangelical Methodist Church http://emchurch.org denomination. Our mission statement is: To offer the life changing event of Jesus Christ to everyone!  We absolutely believe there is Joy, Peace, Truth, Hope, Freedom, Forgiveness, Unconditional Love and Eternal Life that is only available through God’s only Son, Jesus. https://gilhamcc.com/about-us/

So, what kind of church is GCC? We are a joyful congregation that gives our Lord Jesus and His Father all praise and honor and glory and His Holy Spirit is invited and felt throughout the service (even in the parking lot!). Well, here’s what was going on here the past couple of weeks.

On Sunday May 1st AA met from 7:00-8:00 then we had our prayer time 8:45-9:25. Sunday School followed at 9:30. The teaching is on 1st Peter and facilitated by Glenda using a RightNow Media author Kyle Idleman.

At 10:30ish the teaching concludes and the coffee and snacks begin! Our volunteers David and Dianna bring lots of delicious snacks and great coffee. A great time of fellowship and discussion for those who participated in Sunday School and those who are arriving for a snack and a visit with friends before worship service.

At 11:00ish we begin worship service with announcements first, then open the service with prayer and a scripture reading. The past two Sundays Pastor Michael has been preaching on Jesus: The Resurrection and the Life. His sermon included Jesus not only raising Lazarus from death but also Jairus’ daughter and the widow’s son.

On Tuesday we had Women’s Bible Study from 10:00-12:00ish and Men’s Fellowship during the same time period. Women’s Bible Study is currently on the book of Daniel and facilitated by Yvonne.

The men’s fellowship is facilitated by Pastor Michael. The format is wide open during this time. Sometimes we just visit and share our experiences with each other. Sometimes we watch an interview with other pastors. So anything from football, baseball (I’m a RedSox fan-don’t get me started!), and our trucks to a Veritas Society interview of Tim Keller is on the table.

Wednesday we have two bible studies offered. The first is on Acts with Harold facilitating from 2-4 in the afternoon and from 6-8 we have Women’s Bible Study from 6-8 facilitated by Sonja,

Thursday we have Al Anon from 12-1:00 and from September to May AWANA children’s ministry.

So, Come check us out! We may be the church home you are looking for!! And after a 7 minute drive to arrive you’ll agree that Gilham CC is a Churches in Springfield, OR

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